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#1: Re: Driving a big car vs. a small car

Posted on 2006-07-19 03:30:46 by presactly

"Has anyone else noticed this sort of thing when changing cars? It's
been something of a revelation about how different types of road user
perceive other types, even when they're all driving cars..."

Yeah, I have noticed a bit of this. I used to drive a 71 Ford Falcon, a
big old steel-body. People do give you a bit more leeway, and the
testosterone types would try to drag me off the lights (big 6, so they
always lost).

My last car was a Nissan van, one of those delivery things that had
been a backpacker car. Looked more banged up than it was, I guess, so I
got no consideration at all.

Current vehicle is a baby station wagon (Mitsubishi Lancer) and I do
feel a bit invisible in it. Maybe I'm just not used to being so low
down!! It's a lot zippier though, so I can get out of a tight spot if

With the 18 wheelers - I really don't get people doing stupid things
around big trucks. I figure these are people who drive for a living and
I just have to give them space, like staying further back on corners so
they've got room to brake.

Generally though, I think a lot of people could do with some remedial
driving lessons. Bad habits do seem to accumulate over time.

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