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#1: Wizard trash?

Posted on 2006-07-24 01:25:39 by dicconf

When they are cleaning the Black house, they throw stuff
into binbags, IIRC. But what happens to it after that?
Who or what disposes of magical trash? They can't put it
out for the regular collection, especially since in that
neighborhood it's specified that bags pile up - the trash
collection isn't reliable.

Even if it's usually dealt with by house-elves,
they can't give it to Kreacher - he'd keep it all.

Arthur's job is to deal with magical artifacts - okay,
officially it's artifacts that might get into muggle
hands, but that's true of any wizard trash.

Is Arthur Weasley's job title a cover-up for his being
in charge of magical rubbish disposal?

Arthur Weasley, wizard garbage collector?

No wonder he doesn't get much respect.


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