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#1: Re: Are You 18yr?

Posted on 2006-07-17 22:27:26 by pippa.moran


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#2: Re: Are You 18yr?

Posted on 2006-07-18 02:07:27 by Tian

<a href="mailto:pippa.moran&#64;" target="_blank">pippa.moran&#64;</a> wrote:
&gt; SPAMMMMMM!!!!!!!

On top of the can of SPAM on the bookshelf across the room from me is a
receipt for a dish of SPAM Musubi, a dish I had at the Hawaiian food
place on Castro Street a week or two ago.

Not too long ago I was talking to a Hawaiian-American woman, and she
told me &quot;Hawaiians eat twice as much SPAM per capita as the next most
SPAM consuming State in the USA.&quot; She didn't mention what that was.
For some reason, hearing it straight from a Hawaiian-American felt
more personal than hearing the same statistic from an impersonal TV or
radio broadcast.

We talked a bit about the online spam war. She didn't know that spam
got its name from a Monty Python skit where they said &quot;spam&quot; a lot.
I told her my idea of fighting the spam was was puting something on
my can of smoke flavored SPAM and then sharing that information.
I explained that it isn't the kind of thing I eat, and California is
such a media state that it seems like a good enough way value engineer
the role of a stage. Besides, from a golden rule point of view, it
wouldn't bother me too much to think of my flier staged that way.

I mention all this because SPAM is a trademark of a potted meat
company, and you violate their trademark when you use capital
letters in that order to talk about something else. The electronic stuff
is all lower case. Spinning the situation by typing AAARGH@!#@! is okay.

<a href="" target="_blank"></a>
Have you seen this weeks NewsWeek? The cover story is about
how hip it is to use less energy. The cover art is very green.

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