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#1: Re: My review of the Original Movies release on DVD (star wars)

Posted on 2006-07-22 01:07:26 by Anybody

In article &lt;<a href="mailto:1153492879.314617.234120&#64;" target="_blank">1153492879.314617.234120&#64;</a>&gt;,
&quot;<a href="mailto:videonovels&#64;" target="_blank">videonovels&#64;</a>&quot; &lt;<a href="mailto:videonovels&#64;" target="_blank">videonovels&#64;</a>&gt; wrote:

&gt; 0 Stars - it's the original movie but the quality is POOR (only 40%
&gt; resolution)
&gt; .
&gt; I already have the special/updated movies on dvd. My Goal is to
&gt; obtain the ORIGINAL theatrical release (with all the matte
&gt; lines/primitive 70's technology). That said.....
&gt; .
&gt; .
&gt; Modern DVD technology has a maximum resolution of 720x480 dots on the
&gt; screen; a vast improvement over the old videotape technology. But is
&gt; George Lucas taking advantage of this advancement? Nope. He's giving
&gt; us an inferior quality laserdisc-to-dvd transfer from the late 1980s:
&gt; 425x320 (analog letterboxed)
&gt; That's only *40%* the pixel resolution that DVD can offer!!!
&gt; What a royal ripoff. The original movie was recorded with 6-track
&gt; surround &amp; on hi-resolution film &lt;---- THAT'S what we want. The
&gt; best-possible quality off the original film stock. ----- Get with the
&gt; program George. You should have released the originals in
&gt; hi-resolution 720x480. You should have taken advantage of DVD's full
&gt; potential, not dump some inferior/blurry/lo-resolution video on us.
&gt; .

Is this even out yet?!?!? Either way, yet another whiner whinges on.
George Lucas will never win with such fools. :-\

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