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#1: Klingon Imperial Forums Status Report 22 July, 2006

Posted on 2006-07-22 09:10:28 by Klingon Imperial Embassy

Klingon Imperial Forums Status Report 22 July, 2006

The KIDC's Klingon Imperial Forums continue to provide a centralized
online gathering space for Klingon fandom and its many special interest
groups (SIGs). We have sections for discussion on such diverse
activities as costuming,gaming, poetry and short stories, language,
science and technology, and Klingon culture in general.

This week's thread topics include:

- Klingon homosexuality
- Words of battle
- Klingon tupe poll
- How do I farm Targh?
- The game "Star Trek Online"
- Klingons wanted for Comedy Central commercial with William Shatner
- Forum member ranks
- Avatars
- Martok and Sirella
- Who has met a Star Trek celebrity?
- A board member's model of Worf
- Added chapters of a board member's serialized story
- Mac OS X supports tlhIngan Hol
- Blueprints for Klingon ships

We are also pleased to report that the Forums' post-Dominion RPG is up
and running!

So we invite you to visit the Forums at <a href="" target="_blank"></a>
The boards are open on a read-only status so you may browse without
having to register.  They are free of any pop-up ads or banner ads, and
are open to any and all with an interest in things Klingon.  You must
register in order to post and participate. All that is required is a
User ID name and a valid email address.

Klingon Imperial Forums, Klingon Imperial Diplomatic Corps
<a href="" target="_blank"></a>

Kill The Tribble to e-mail me.

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