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#1: A long time ago in a galaxy far far away...

Posted on 2006-07-18 04:29:23 by Jeff DeWitt

Whoops, wrong header <G>.

Funny how you forget about things and then years later something will
bring back the memory.

Many years ago, seems like at least a couple of lifetimes, The Great
Bird of the Galaxy himself, Gene Roddenberry, came to the Greensboro
(NC) Coliseum.

This was in the mid 70's, 75 or so maybe? I don't think I was out of
high school yet.

He gave a talk about Star Trek (of course), and played "The Cage", (the
pilot, not the two part episode), and the Star Trek blooper reel. I seem
to remember he also talked about the animated series.

That was a LONG time ago and I really don't remember much more about it
except that I throughly enjoyed it, and Mr. Roddenberry put on a great
show, I think he was really enjoying himself.

Jeff DeWitt

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