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#1: Upcoming Episodes - July 16-August 6

Posted on 2006-07-15 01:42:28 by Don Del Grande

7/16 - Regarding Margie (HABF13)
It looks like Marge didn't read those "use in a well-ventilated area"
warnings on her cleaning products carefully enough, as the dizziness
results in her hitting her head on a stool and forgetting two small
little details of her life: one, that she's married to Homer Simpson,
and two, Homer Simpson

7/23 - The Monkey Suit (HABF14)
When Mayor Quimby and Reverend Lovejoy talk Principal Skinner into
allowing the teaching of creationism in schools, Lisa complains that
there should only be one theory taught - which results in evolution
being banned and Lisa, who tries to teach it in secret, arrested

7/30 - Marge and Homer Turn a Couple Play (HABF16)
The star player for the Springfield Isotopes sees Homer and Marge
kissing on the big-screen TV during a game and thinks they can solve
his marital problems, but when Homer is caught giving a neck massage
to the player's wife, the problem turns into a doubleheader

8/6 - We're on the Road to D'ohwhere (HABF04)
When Bart causes the school's system of steam pipes to collapse,
Principal Skinner sends him to an Outward Bound-style camp in Oregon,
but when it turns out Bart is on the no-fly list, Homer has to
cancel has trip with his friends at Moe's to Las Vegas in order to
drive him there; while they're away, Marge will make the family junk
pay with a yard sale, but the only thing anybody wants is the family's
expired prescription drugs

-- Don
S1.1 MAG+++ LIS++ BAR+ SKI+ MrsK+ MissH+ P&S# FLA- (heresy!)
f+++ n+++ Ilps(w) $+++ M44
Note that, as of 7/30, every Season 17 episode has aired twice

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