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#1: Welcome! FAQs and important information.

Posted on 2006-07-15 10:14:01 by sbjensen

Posting-Frequency: ~4 days (FAQs posted monthly)

Welcome to the Tolkien newsgroups! Our FAQs can be found at:

<a href="" target="_blank"></a>

Even if you haven't read all of _The Hobbit_ and _The Lord of the
Rings_, you are welcome here, but be careful! Spoilers for the
stories can be anywhere... even in the subject line of a message!

To help you join our community as comfortably as possible, we do ask
that you read our Frequently Asked Questions lists before posting.
The FAQs discuss proper &quot;netiquette&quot; for participating in discussions
here, and also introduce the basics of our most frequent debates (the
main &quot;Meta-FAQ&quot; page lists the most &quot;important&quot; questions in bold).

Once again, welcome! We look forward to your participation.

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