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#1: The Voice Crack'd

Posted on 2006-07-01 00:13:25 by WQ

From: <a href=";catid=2" target="_blank">;catid=2</a>

Variety reports that 20 minutes of the forthcoming James
Bond film Casino Royale was screened in Amsterdam this

Serendipitously taking the final studio slot to show
product at Cinema Expo, Sony closed the Euro exhib confab
with a bang Thursday evening, creating the week's most
high-profile event by screening 20 minutes of &quot;Casino Royale,&quot;
the latest installment in its James Bond franchise.

That made Cinema Expo attendees the first audience in the
world to see how the latest, blond Bond -- Daniel Craig --
handled the role.

Sony Pictures Entertainment vice chairman Jeff Blake
introduced the Bond footage after Sony Intl. prexy Mark
Zucker showed off the studio's product reel.

Rumors began slipping out Thursday that the Bond scenes
might screen, but the event was largely a surprise, and
Blake said that the studio only got the OK from Bond's
producing team two days earlier, when he and SPE Motion
Picture Group chair Amy Pascal visited London.

The footage showed off Craig as a grittier Bond, with
scenes of more intense, visceral hand-to-hand combat than
007 has tackled in recent pics. One black-and-white scene
flashed back to Bond's first ever (brutal and hard-to-pull-off)
kill as an agent, as well as his (much more sleek and
signature) second assassination.

Also introducing the pic was one of the new Bond girls,
Caterina Murino, and the reel featured some sultry scenes
between her and Craig. For any gearheads, Bond's new ride
also got some screen time, as did high-octane chase
scenes, including one of Craig following a baddie up and
down a construction site with aerial jumps and twists.

&quot;This footage has never been seen, except by all of us just
two days ago,&quot; Blake said, his voice audibly cracking with
excitement. Pascal was also at Cinema Expo in the
audience with Sony brass. Blake added that the pic would
offer a &quot;distinct European flavor&quot; for the international exhibs.

The studio immediately followed the footage with a
casino-themed party inside the Amsterdam RAI convention

--- ...&quot;Blake said, his voice audibly cracking with
excitement.&quot; Wow. When was the last time my voice
cracked audibly with excitement over 20 minutes of a movie?
Maybe when I was 12? And that was over a *complete* movie.
I love all the hyperbole and theatrics that full-grown adults in
the film industry use, not only for Bond but for all movies.
Anything to sell a film and make that extra buck, regardless
of whether the film is good or bad. Interesting that there
were no reviews or consensus on the 20-minute preview from
the attendees, though.

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