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#1: "The World Series of Pop Culture" on VH1

Posted on 2006-07-05 17:21:57 by caltrop


Trivial pursuit

By Evan Henerson, Staff Writer
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The title &quot;Who Wants to lose His Shirt by Choking on a 'Seinfeld'
Puffy Shirt Question?&quot; didn't roll easily off the tongue. So, even
with baseball's fall classic several sweaty months away, the makers of
a new cable game show opted for &quot;The World Series of Pop Culture.&quot;

Ladies and gentlemen: start your trivia engines!

In the program, a partnership between VH1 and magazine Entertainment
Weekly (which publishes regular pop culture quizzes), 16 teams of
three contestants each vie for a $250,000 jackpot. Pat Kiernan and
Lisa Guerrero are the hosts. Instead of politics or current events,
the topics will cover the pop culture gamut of music, television and film.

Hence, the knowledge of Agent Dale Cooper's favorite dessert on &quot;Twin
Peaks&quot; or the college attended by &quot;The Notebook's&quot; Allie Calhoun is
more likely to propel a trivia hound toward TV riches than the ability
to locate an obscure West African colony.

Our nation's morphing interest in softer side news is what planted the
seed for a new quiz show for the Gen X set. That, and the pop cultural
infiltration of &quot;Who Wants to be a Millionaire?&quot;

&quot;One day we asked a question about a specific funny moment on a
specific episode of 'Friends,'&quot; recalls Michael Davies, an executive
producer of both &quot;Millionaire&quot; and &quot;The World Series of Pop Culture,&quot;
&quot;There was quite a lot of money at stake and we realized with the
tension and the lights and (host) Meredith (Viera) and that poor raw
contestant making the decision, it was kind of made funny by the fact
that we were asking about a light, almost farcical element of a TV

&quot;And we thought wouldn't it be great if we played a game with all the
tension and trappings that was all about pop culture, which is what
most people know about now,&quot; Davies continued.

The contest-ing public were equally intrigued. More than 20,000 people
auditioned for &quot;The World Series&quot; at major U.S. cities in March and
early April. Entrants were asked to take a rigorous on-line &quot;Pop
Culture IQ Test&quot; that, in some ways, mimics the high school SAT exam.

Beginning Monday, the 48 strut their stuff en route to a
winner-take-all showdown. The program runs Monday through Friday at 10
p.m. on VH1.

To get people in the PC spirit, we assembled a quiz of our own. The
first 10 questions are from the VH1 program; and we've come up with
the rest. Get enough of 'em right and maybe you should be forming a
team for future &quot;World Series&quot; seasons.

Good luck!

What: What it sounds like.
Where: VH1.
When: 10 p.m. Monday-Friday.


1. Relief pitcher-turned-bartender Sam Malone on the sitcom &quot;Cheers&quot;
was known by what nickname when he took the mound for the Red Sox?

2. In a 1996 video for their song &quot;Big Me,&quot; the Foo Fighters parodied
television commercials for what popular candy?

3. In the 1987 movie &quot;Can't Buy Me Love,&quot; high school nerd Ronald
Miller plots to become one of the in-crowd by renting a popular
cheerleader with money he had saved to buy what?

4. What is the name of the local watering hole where Jack, Janet, and
Chrissy hang out on the classic sitcom &quot;Three's Company?&quot;

5. On the HBO series &quot;Entourage,&quot; Kevin Dillon plays Johnny &quot;Drama&quot;
Chase, an often out-of-work actor best known for his role on what
fictitious sci-fi series?

6. What 1994 R.E.M. song was inspired by a bizarre story about
anchorman Dan Rather being attacked by a mysterious assailant on a New
York City street?

7. On the cartoon series &quot;Scooby-Doo,&quot; Scooby and his teenage sleuth
friends drive around in a multicolored van known as the what?

8. In the 1986 movie &quot;Ferris Bueller's Day Off,&quot; Ferris gets a table
at a fancy restaurant by claiming to be Abe Froman, a man who holds
what unofficial title in the Windy City?

9. The lyric &quot;I miss the earth so much, I miss my wife. — It's lonely
out in space&quot; is from what well-known Elton John song?

10. In the 1993 movie &quot;Groundhog Day,&quot; Bill Murray's character Phil
Connors is awakened every morning by what song playing on his alarm clock?

11. Who shot J.R.? We need the character name and actor or actress who
played the role?

12. What &quot;legendary&quot; sax player is idolized by Lisa Simpson?

13. Finish the Third Eye Blind lyric: &quot;I want something else to get me
through this ...

14. Pre-Gwyneth, pre-Jen, pre-Angelina, Brad Pitt dated which
Oscar-nominated celebrity?

15. What's the name of Matthew Broderick's character in the 1998 film
remake of &quot;Godzilla&quot;? Hint: The character is named after the creature
man who designed the revamped Japanese monster.

16. From which TV show did the phrase &quot;jump the shark&quot; originate?

17. What actor bid Indiana Jones &quot;Adios, señor&quot; shortly before meeting
his demise in &quot;Raiders of the Lost Ark?&quot;

18. How many minutes make up a day in the life of a year in the song
&quot;Seasons of Love&quot; from Jonathan Larson's musical and film &quot;Rent&quot;?

19. When she came out of the closet on April 30, 1997, what device did
TV's Ellen Morgan accidentally use to declare her sexuality? And to
whose character was Ellen speaking?

20. Which two-time Oscarnominated actress had her only scene — as
investigator Hal Slocumb's wife — cut out of the final version of
&quot;Thelma and Louise?&quot;

21. The shooting death of what actress is said to have inspired Brad
Silberling's film &quot;Moonlight Mile?&quot;

22. Which film saw the unlikely pairing of director Robert Altman and
a story by John Grisham?

23. What composer wrote the song &quot;Sooner or Later (I Always Get My
Man)&quot; sung by Madonna in the film &quot;Dick Tracy&quot;?

24. Which two half-Jewish celebrities — if &quot;put together&quot; — would make
a &quot;fine looking Jew,&quot; according to Adam Sandler's &quot;Hanukkah Song&quot;?

25. What future Central Perk frequenter, known only by the nickname
&quot;4B,&quot; failed to heed good advice from Detective John Kelly on the
first season of &quot;NYPD Blue&quot;?

26. What &quot;Dirty Dancing&quot; and &quot;Flashdance&quot; actress left show business
shortly after marrying pop singer Richard Marx?

27. After collecting her fifth Emmy (out of seven total nominations)
for best actress in a comedy series in 1995, Candice Bergen withdrew
her name from future consideration, paving the way for which actress
to win that award in 1996?

28. Ohmigod! How many of rocker Frank Zappa's four children can you name?

29. Who became the youngest recipient of the American Film Institute's
lifetime achievement award in 2002?

30. What do the J.K. in &quot;Harry Potter&quot; scribe J.K. Rowling's initials
stand for?


31. How much did Edward Lewis (Richard Gere) pay to secure the
services of Vivian Ward (Julia Roberts) in &quot;Pretty Woman?&quot;?

32. What is the actual gender of Miranda Richardson's character, Jude,
in 1992's &quot;The Crying Game?&quot;

33. True or false: Former cast member and nine-time host Chevy Chase
has been banned from ever hosting &quot;Saturday Night Live&quot; again?

34. How does George Costanza's fiancee Susan Biddle Ross meet her death?

1. &quot;Mayday.&quot;
2. Mentos.
3. A telescope.
4. The Regal Beagle.
5. &quot;Viking Quest.&quot;
6. &quot;Whats the Frequency, Kenneth?&quot;
7. The Mystery Machine.
8. The Sausage King of Chicago.
9. &quot;Rocket Man.&quot;
10. &quot;I Got You, Babe.&quot;
11. Kristin Shepard, played by Mary Crosby.
12. &quot;Bleeding Gums&quot; Murphy.
13. &quot; ... semi-charmed kind of life.&quot;
14. Juliette Lewis.
15. The character is Dr. Niko Tatopolous. The real creature man is
Patrick Tatopolous.
16. &quot;Happy Days.&quot;
17. Alfred Molina.
18. 525,600.
19. She used an airport public address system and was speaking to
Laura Dern.
20. Catherine Keener. The scene is viewable on the films DVD.
21. Rebecca Schaeffer.
22. &quot;The Gingerbread Man.&quot;
23. Stephen Sondheim.
24. Paul Newman and Goldie Hawn.
25. David Schwimmer.
26. Cynthia Rhodes.
27. Helen Hunt in &quot;Mad About You.&quot;
28. Moon Unit, Dweezil, Diva and Ahmet.
29. Tom Hanks.
30. &quot;Joanne Kathleen.&quot;


31. $3,000
32. Female.
33. True.
34. By licking toxic envelopes.

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#2: Re: "The World Series of Pop Culture" on VH1

Posted on 2006-07-05 20:43:59 by Charles Ulrich

In article &lt;<a href="mailto:44ABD915.4040404&#64;" target="_blank">44ABD915.4040404&#64;</a>&gt;,
&quot;Shrike!&quot; &lt;<a href="mailto:caltrop&#64;" target="_blank">caltrop&#64;</a>&gt; wrote:

&gt; 28. Ohmigod! How many of rocker Frank Zappa's four children can you name?

Correct answer: Four.


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#3: Re: "The World Series of Pop Culture" on VH1

Posted on 2006-07-05 21:05:29 by Steve Brooks

Charles Ulrich wrote:
&gt; &quot;Shrike!&quot; wrote:
&gt;&gt; 28. Ohmigod! How many of rocker Frank Zappa's four children can you
&gt;&gt; name?
&gt; Correct answer: Four.

That's just the official releases. Ahem.



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#4: Re: "The World Series of Pop Culture" on VH1

Posted on 2006-07-06 06:04:07 by caltrop

&gt;&gt;&gt; 28. Ohmigod! How many of rocker Frank Zappa's four children can you
&gt;&gt;&gt; name?

&gt; Charles Ulrich wrote:
&gt;&gt; Correct answer: Four.

To that I was going to respond with something on the order of, &quot;Oh,

Steve Brooks said the following:
&gt; That's just the official releases. Ahem.

But, that follow-up is exceptionally astute. I like it!

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