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#1: Miscellaneous Observations

Posted on 2006-04-26 18:08:16 by Min L Shaw

Hey, all. I'm not really a regular, but I seem to post a hand-ful of
things every couple of years. Then I'm reminded that I haven't enjoyed
much of the post-DS9 "Trek" material and go on to seek my entertainment
elsewhere. Anyhow, this talk of the 40th anniversary and the next film
have got me revisiting "Trek" lately and I came to a few thoughts.

I don't care how much a fan J.J. Abrahms is; the question is whether or
not he has a good story to tell. Remember, John Logan could supposedly
recite characters' quarters numbers from memory, but "Nemesis" was not
necessarily a good story. As for the talk that the story he wants to
tell is set sometime in Kirk's era, if it doesn't use the original cast
members and doesn't take place at least nominally in the period pre-ST
VI to post-Generations, there's no point. We know, even if we haven't
seen, pretty much everything that matters about the Kirk era
characters. We don't need to see Carol Marcus impregnated or Spock
struggling with his self-image; we know these things happened and we
know how they turned out.

Personally, I think they should tap Ira Steven Behr to write the film.
Most of the most important events in the "Trek" canon occured on DS9
and I think there's plenty more to be said there. Hell, if they really
want to visit one of the most popular "Trek" innovations and use
actors/characters from various "Trek" series, they could do a Mirror
movie. Maybe the Enterprise-E or the Titan winds up in the Mirror
Universe. Maybe Mirror Spock, thought dead, comes out of hiding. I
don't think we've ever seen Mirror Dukat; God only knows what he's
doing. Whatever the case, I think the Mirror stuff could make for a
much better film idea than a Kirk-era story without the original cast.

Finally, I know it's easy to knock on Rick Berman, but I think in
fairness it should be pointed out that the statistical majority of
"Trek" material was produced on his watch. Of course there've been
some clunkers and flawed stories in all the shows he oversaw. But I
also think there have been some really good things, too. As Executive
Producer, he had the final say over most aspects of the shows (other
than how much budget they had with which to operate, which was a studio
decision). "Unification," "All Good Things...," the Dominion War,
"Star Trek: First Contact" and others all happened with his say-so,
even if he didn't originate each one. I've never been executive
producer on anything, so I don't know from experience, but the way I
understand it, operating in that capacity on two concurrent television
series and a motion picture at the same time borders on being insane.
Back in 1994, he oversaw the end of TNG, DS9, the beginning of Voyager
and "Generations." That's crazy. It never really let up, either; in
1996, there was DS9, Voyager and "First Contact"; in 1999, the end of
DS9, Voyager and "Insurrection," and in 2002, the end of Voyager, the
beginning of Enterprise and "Nemesis."

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