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#1: Stalkers and the Stars

Posted on 2006-03-09 10:09:28 by The Flavored Coffee Guy


If you can't see it coming, you can't stop it. Every time I turn
around, I run into the Cannibals. As my interests change, ebb and
flow, and I post to different newsgroups. The Cannibals always seem to
get there first, wanting to eat one of the stars.

When I look around, there are web sites that allow you to write to the
stars, and I know that they do pay these Celebrities, and they charge
the people who aim to write to send the email. But, when it comes down
to that subject, look at how lame these characters are who take
advantage of children online, and just visit the following link.

Read the article, watch the video.
<a href="" target="_blank"></a>

BBS's, are an option, with signups. But, there should be no
requirement for A Credit Card, or cash to change hands. By using a
service like this one, during the signup process you can determin if
the city, state, are right on the sign up form. Which, also give you a
good idea as to where any author may be. When ever you keep the IP
address, you have a means of basically knowing where they've written
you from. This would be a vague, general means of determining where
some-one was writing you from if you felt threatened.
<a href="" target="_blank"></a>

That code, can be encorporated into the BBS for every time a user logs
on, and for every person who signs on that has a password. The script
for the signup should reject any address, or zipcode that doesn't
comply with the server's location, which directly associated to the IP
address. The zipcodes fall within a certian range, the addresses would
only be checked by city state zipcode. Accept if they tell enough of a
truth to create the illusion that you would have to tell the whole

So, you might ask yourself, why would I want to see free email
addresses of the stars over paying to get them or contact them? It's
not because, I wouldn't prefer to see each and every beautiful woman so
pampered, or well set in a mansion as the crested jewel kept on a
pedestal. But, that there is little or no warning when you cut off the
outside world by so much that your people cannot worship you.. At
times, I look at that television, and wish that I could die a thousand
deaths for some woman, or maybe even live the life of a voodoo doll
with her name on it, and let her kick me. But, honestly, I wish they
knew when run or walk, call the police, and get the big guns out there
for some support, with a real license to kill. Freaks and weirdos must
be kept track of, and you need some form of evidence, and some kind of
warning system. The internet can give you that, but not if you don't
give anyone anything. You can get plenty of email addresses, and one
that you list, could save your life, if the web site that posts it is
right, or even and at best, the bbs is set up right, and there at your
convience. I really just care.

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