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#1: Draugnar's take on CR...

Posted on 2005-11-25 16:38:12 by Draugnar

Greetings all,

OK, I know some of you will be PO'd by some parts of this and others by
other parts, but here goes anyhow.

I'm looking forward to CR. I saw Layer Cake Wednesday night and found DC
exuded a certain flair and style about him. In fact, my only complaints
with the film had nothing to do with him at all, but with certain directing
techniques as well as some plot elements. He can play both hard-boiled and
comic (the scene at Gene's "gun vault" was very funny and his killing of
Jimmy was very cold-blooded and serious).

As far as Brosnan's efforts go, I found all but DAD pretty good (DAD had
serious editing/directing issues which made everything after the underground
unwatchable) and I found the whole mano-e-mano story in GE to make it an
excellent Bond film with some very serious elements (the final fight) and
some comic fun (the tank chase), so the return of Martin Campbell is
something I think bodes well.

I do have concerns about having Dench return as M, however. Some have said
they saw nothing indicating Barbara Mawsley was brand new to the job, but
how many of you refer to someone as the "new guy/gal" after they have been
there several years. Zukovsky even said "I hear you have a new boss and she
is a woman" or something to that effect. Even M's speech indicated that she
was relatively new to the job. But, that being said, inconsistency doesn't
always destroy a film, and especially not a Bond one as has been pointed out
with YOLT and OHMSS. EON tried to compensate there with the "phony accent"
and "lopped off earlobes" references, but OHMSS still worked and worked
well. The key will be having a strong female (and please God, NOT Angelina
Jolie: Bond girls are NOT big-breasted sluts), a good script, and excellent
direction. All of these have existed within the Bond universe under
Brosnan, so if they can bring them all together and DC does as well as I
hope and expect, we should have a very good film. I only hope that, if it
and DC are that good, we don't get the "even Bond actor" syndrome.

OK, that was my 002 cents.


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