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#1: Re: New York Doll

Posted on 2005-11-27 17:47:14 by Dav

On 27 Nov 2005 06:05:50 -0800, "Attacked By Marmosets!!"
&lt;<a href="mailto:CLASSACT&#64;BRICK.NET" target="_blank">CLASSACT&#64;BRICK.NET</a>&gt; wrote:

&gt;I thought Dennis might enjoy this, so I'm reposting it on the skinhead

For the full-on, authentic Globey experience, this should also be
x-posted to apuk, and alt.scooter.


&gt;Attacked By Marmosets!! wrote:
&gt;&gt; Attacked By Marmosets!! wrote:
&gt;&gt; &gt; Andrew @ Rockface wrote:
&gt;&gt; &gt; &gt; Attacked By Marmosets!! wrote:
&gt;&gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; Andrew @ Rockface wrote:
&gt;&gt; &gt; &gt; &gt;
&gt;&gt; &gt; &gt; &gt;&gt;Attacked By Marmosets!! wrote:
&gt;&gt; &gt; &gt; &gt;&gt;
&gt;&gt; &gt; &gt; &gt;&gt;&gt;Andrew @ Rockface wrote:
&gt;&gt; &gt; &gt; &gt;&gt;&gt;
&gt;&gt; &gt; &gt; &gt;&gt;&gt;
&gt;&gt; &gt; &gt; &gt;&gt;&gt;&gt;Attacked By Marmosets!! wrote:
&gt;&gt; &gt; &gt; &gt;&gt;&gt;&gt;
&gt;&gt; &gt; &gt; &gt;&gt;&gt;&gt;
&gt;&gt; &gt; &gt; &gt;&gt;&gt;&gt;&gt;Dav wrote:
&gt;&gt; &gt; &gt; &gt;&gt;&gt;&gt;&gt;
&gt;&gt; &gt; &gt; &gt;&gt;&gt;&gt;&gt;
&gt;&gt; &gt; &gt; &gt;&gt;&gt;&gt;&gt;
&gt;&gt; &gt; &gt; &gt;&gt;&gt;&gt;&gt;&gt;On 26 Nov 2005 16:22:57 -0800, &quot;Attacked By Marmosets!!&quot;
&gt;&gt; &gt; &gt; &gt;&gt;&gt;&gt;&gt;&gt;&lt;<a href="mailto:CLASSACT&#64;BRICK.NET" target="_blank">CLASSACT&#64;BRICK.NET</a>&gt; wrote:
&gt;&gt; &gt; &gt; &gt;&gt;&gt;&gt;&gt;&gt;
&gt;&gt; &gt; &gt; &gt;&gt;&gt;&gt;&gt;&gt;
&gt;&gt; &gt; &gt; &gt;&gt;&gt;&gt;&gt;&gt;&gt;Fuck the Mormons and the Jehovah's Witnesses too.
&gt;&gt; &gt; &gt; &gt;&gt;&gt;&gt;&gt;&gt;
&gt;&gt; &gt; &gt; &gt;&gt;&gt;&gt;&gt;&gt;I agree with the 'fuck Morrissey' part - he's a twat. I agree with
&gt;&gt; &gt; &gt; &gt;&gt;&gt;&gt;&gt;&gt;most of the rest, with a few reservations.
&gt;&gt; &gt; &gt; &gt;&gt;&gt;&gt;&gt;&gt;
&gt;&gt; &gt; &gt; &gt;&gt;&gt;&gt;&gt;
&gt;&gt; &gt; &gt; &gt;&gt;&gt;&gt;&gt;You guys have few JWs and even fewer Mormons.
&gt;&gt; &gt; &gt; &gt;&gt;&gt;&gt;
&gt;&gt; &gt; &gt; &gt;&gt;&gt;&gt;&quot;Few JWs&quot;? Try shit loads of them: approx 150,000 according to BBC.
&gt;&gt; &gt; &gt; &gt;&gt;&gt;&gt;There's a Jehovah's Witness church type thing in most towns in the uk.
&gt;&gt; &gt; &gt; &gt;&gt;&gt;&gt;They're everywhere and luckly don't come to our door anymore since I
&gt;&gt; &gt; &gt; &gt;&gt;&gt;&gt;talked to them a couple of times. Insistent fuckers that need a good slap.
&gt;&gt; &gt; &gt; &gt;&gt;&gt;
&gt;&gt; &gt; &gt; &gt;&gt;&gt;
&gt;&gt; &gt; &gt; &gt;&gt;&gt;I once told one that most of the people that Hitler sent to the
&gt;&gt; &gt; &gt; &gt;&gt;&gt;camps...
&gt;&gt; &gt; &gt; &gt;&gt;
&gt;&gt; &gt; &gt; &gt;&gt;A friend of mine answered the door in a Jesus Christ pose and proceeded
&gt;&gt; &gt; &gt; &gt;&gt;to tell them he was the anti-christ and that the Jehovah's Witnesses
&gt;&gt; &gt; &gt; &gt;&gt;were going to be the first to feel his wrath. Oddly they never came back.
&gt;&gt; &gt; &gt; &gt;
&gt;&gt; &gt; &gt; &gt;
&gt;&gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; What'd be really funny is to have a giant phallus statue in the living
&gt;&gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; room. You could invite them in, then take the cover off of it and
&gt;&gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; declare, &quot;This is what I worship!&quot; Then they'd really stay clear.
&gt;&gt; &gt; &gt; &gt;
&gt;&gt; &gt; &gt; &gt;&gt;I did the evolution / dinosaur thing. This was before the idea of
&gt;&gt; &gt; &gt; &gt;&gt;&quot;Intelligent Design&quot;. Nowadays I guess they'd argue back - the swines!
&gt;&gt; &gt; &gt;
&gt;&gt; &gt; &gt; Fucking funny :)
&gt;&gt; &gt;
&gt;&gt; &gt; And when they start loooking shocked you say, &quot;It's beautiful, isn't
&gt;&gt; &gt; it? It's an exact replica of mine. The sculptor took a plaster
&gt;&gt; &gt; cast...&quot; By that time they'd be out the door.
&gt;&gt; And if not, you could continue on, &quot;Man, I was like this [making a fist
&gt;&gt; and holding out a forearm]. The sculptor had this assistand who was
&gt;&gt; SOOOO HOT! The shit she did, she had that motherfucker standin' up and
&gt;&gt; salutin' like a little Marine. And he had her put on the plaster too.
&gt;&gt; I thought I was gonna blow one right then and there.
&gt;&gt; Every time I look at that thing it gives me the best hard on, 'cause I
&gt;&gt; remember that chick, you know.
&gt;&gt; So, whadda you all worship?
&gt;&gt; &gt; &gt;
&gt;&gt; &gt; &gt; --
&gt;&gt; &gt; &gt; Andrew @ Rockface
&gt;&gt; &gt;
&gt;&gt; &gt; --Bryan
&gt;&gt; --Bryan
&quot;Interviewing Avril Lavigne is like being hit over the head
with a shovel - an unpleasant experience, which leaves you
feeling dazed and hoping it never happens again.&quot;

-- Belfast Telegraph

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